Human trafficking is one of the largest criminal industries in the world today.  Yet we know almost nothing about the situation in Africa.   Until now… 


I Am Not Your Slave is the shocking true story of a young girl – Tupa – who was abducted in 2006 from the Republic of Namibia in southwestern Africa and funneled through an elaborate yet almost completely unknown human trafficking network spanning the entire African continent.  As she is transported from the point of her abduction on a remote farm near the Namibian-Angolan border and channeled over 4000 miles away to her ultimate destination in Dubai, her 3-year odyssey exposes the brutal horrors of a modern-day middle passage.  Through Tupa’s eyes, readers are provided with a window into this astounding world, which includes organized fleets of delivery trucks roaming across remote bush tracks, secretive distribution and collection centers where girls are sorted like cattle, witchcraft rituals used to blackmail and indoctrinate girls into a life of bondage, high-tech auction houses hidden deep in the jungle where buyers from around the world use social media to inspect their purchases, and ultimately Dubai’s infamous migrant labor system.  Throughout her ordeal, Tupa encounters a wide variety of people, including members of Africa’s notorious number’s gang, terrifying witchdoctors, mysterious middlemen from China, corrupt police and border officials, Arab smugglers, and high-ranking United Nation’s officials who attend exclusive sex parties held deep in the desert.  And of course, Tupa meets her fellow trafficking victims, including young women and girls from around the world, as well as people who are forced into trafficking niche markets,like disabled street boys plucked from war-torn neighborhoods of South Sudan and individuals who fall prey to the international black market in body parts and human organs.   Tupa’s incredible experience, including her daring escape and eventual return home, sheds light on the most shocking aspects of modern-day slavery today, as well as the essential determination to be free.  

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