“This incredible story offers three important insights: how it is possible for someone to be trafficked, why it might not be immediately apparent someone is in slavery, and, most importantly, why the anti-slavery movement needs strong survivor advocates like Tupa Tjipombo.”

-Joanna Ewart-James, Executive Director, Freedom United


“In this harrowing, unsparing memoir, the author documents unimaginable brutality against women with dignity and grace and provides readers with an urgent education about the devastating scope of human trafficking in the modern world.  Difficult but necessary reading.”

-Kirkus Book Reviews


“My great-great-great grandfather, Frederick Douglass, helped change the public perception of 19th century enslavement and enslaved people with his first autobiography, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave.  As the reader’s respect for Douglass’ intellect and humanity ascended so too did their contempt for the crime of slavery and those that perpetuated it.  I Am Not Your Slave is a riveting contemporary narrative that achieves the same effect.”

-Kenneth B. Morris, Jr., Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives


“A riveting story of a young girl’s courage in the face of unimaginable terror, her determination to fight for her dignity – and above all, her courage to speak out and break the silence about the human trafficking nightmare we have ignored for too long.”

-Julian Sher, author of “Somebody’s Daughter: The Hidden Story of America’s Prostituted Children and the Battle to Save Them”


“[Tjipombo’s] tale of 21st-century slavery puts a shocking face to dry statistics…Only courage and rare luck allowed Tjipombo to get away and share her story, which will haunt readers…For readers who wish to understand more fully the grim reality of human trafficking.”

-Library Journal


“[Tjipombo] infuses her vivid, soulful account with personal details, yet hers cannot be called a singular story…The miracle of Tjipombo isn’t so much that she escaped Dubai and eventually made it back to her family in Namibia, but that she reclaimed her human rights and chose to tell her story to author and global health consultant Lockhart in the hope of helping other endangered and trafficked young women.”



“Statistics and data may fail to move even the most charitable; reading I Am Not Your Slave will move even the most stoic.”



“There is no doubt that human trafficking is a global evil that plagues our society and Tupa Tjipombo gives readers a front row seat into this very dark world.  Her heart-tugging and gut-wrenching journey is shared with clear details and descriptions that put you right there and leaves no doubt about her place in the fight to end human trafficking.”

-Carla Stephens, Celebrity Brand Ambassador for Wellspring Living and advocate to end human trafficking